Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Weird!

I'm sure many of you who have known me a while already knew that I am a little weird. But lately I have really started to notice that some of the things I do make me weird to a lot of people. Something about my weirdness even makes people give interesting comments. For instance, my wife and I made the decision to remove our TV from our daily living. That's right, we put our TV in a garbage bag and are storing it in our basement. We did this a few years back. It is amazing how much better our evenings are without it. We spend more time as a family doing activities like reading, games, playing, etc. And guess what...that makes us weird. I mean who would want less TV time and more family time? Crazy people! Even yesterday I had someone make several comments about us not having a TV after it came up in conversation. Another area of weirdness for us is that we are homeschooling. The kicker is that I am a public school teacher. People think we have lost our minds wanting to make sure that the principles and morals that we believe in are taught to our children everyday. Some people (even family) will tell us we are incapable of teaching our kids properly! Really? I want to ask them, "Were you born an expert education?" Parents are very capable of teaching their own children. Most do it at least until the age of 5. This has been a long enough rant for today. I hope I didn't turn any of my four readers off. I just wanted to make the point that it is okay to be "weird" if it is best for your family and is in line with your principles and morals. Have a blessed day!