Monday, October 25, 2010

Servant Leader

I hear the term servant leader thrown out there quite often in my readings. I try to look at how I serve others around me. I will bathe my kids or wash the dishes to help with some of the chores around the house, but those things are somewhat expected if you ask me. At my job I help students with small problems or try to be flexible to help out other teachers, but I tend to view that as more just doing my job. I really struggle sometimes to see where I am truly serving in my house, let alone outside of it. What I mean by serving is sacrificing something good for myself so that I can serve someone else in need. Not when it is convenient, but rather when it is the exact opposite. Do I ever really serve my children by stopping what I am doing and doing something with them ignoring any possible distractions? Am I serving my wife in a way that she feels loved more today than in the past? Am I helping others around me feel appreciated or experience success, even if it means I do it all behind the scene? These are just some questions that came to mind today as I was reading this morning. Do you have any examples of how you serve your spouse, children, or others even when it isn't/wasn't easy for you or it didn't benefit you (I know that serving benefits you, but I mean without recognition or reward)? Please share an example or two if you have the time. Thanks! Have a blessed day!