Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Trend and a Seminar

I've notice a trend in my readers. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday my views go way down. My thoughts are that people have already hit weekend mode and are too busy to read my blog (my wife says the same thing about her blog). It makes me think that many of my readers are either in more of a routine during the work week or they are taking a break from their work day. I have to admit, I have a tendency to do the same during my work day. A nice brain break to read a few blogs during work is a nice refresher. Of course, I only read them on my breaks.

Today I am going to a leadership seminar for my business. I am very excited to hear the couple who is speaking. They are coming from California to share their knowledge in the leadership and wellness industries. I will probably share some of the information I learn sometime during the next week. If I happen to not blog tomorrow I look forward to being back and sharing with you come Monday. Have a blessed day!