Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Want More Out Of Life!

John wakes up at 6:00am to get ready for work. He arrives at work at 7:30am after a 25 minute commute. He numbly does what his job entails for about 4 hours. He randomly talks to co-workers about the shows that they watched the night before. John then goes on his 30 minute lunch break. Often he sits in the break room listening to all the gossip and negative attitudes. The last 4 hours of John's day is thinking of what he is going to do that evening. Once he ends his work day, John heads home to relax from his hard day. After watching TV for a couple hours, he eats his dinner with his wife and kids. They talk for about 20 minutes about their days while they eat. After dinner John heads to his bowling league (which he feels he deserves after all his hard work). He arrives home after the kids are in bed. He plops down on the couch to watch some Sports Center before he calls it a night. He wakes the next morning to do it all over again.

This may sound familiar to some of you. I know that I fell into this category for a chunk of my life. I would get home play a video game waiting for my wife to arrive. We would eat dinner watching Seinfeld and the news. Then we would talk for a bit while watching Friends or another favorite shows. But after a few years, I felt there had to be more. I think most people feel that at some point. How can this be all that I was meant to do? Isn't there more in life? There is! It's called serving others. Too often we are caught up in our own life that we forget to open our eyes to those around us. We try to entertain the feeling away, but that only works during the activity we entertain ourselves with. Sometimes we even use church and all the events that go with it to erase the feeling of wanting more out of life. All that does is make us busy, not really satisfying the want to accomplish more. What we really need to do is focus on serving and helping others. We can do this by being a friend. We can do this by helping care for someone. We can do this by leading others to Christ. The key is to get out and do something that focuses on others. As we do this, our feeling of wanting more will be met. God bless!