Monday, March 28, 2011

Conversation With A Friend

This past Friday I was able to talk with a friend from college. We hadn't seen or spoken in about 9 or 10 years. I really enjoyed catching up. I was very impressed with what he had accomplished up to this point in his life. He has been in the Army for several years (including time in Kuwait, Iraq and Haiti). He is married and is raising a family while in the military. Recently his dad passed away and my friend has taken over the operation of his family business also. The amazing part of that is that the family business is back in American Samoa! I was blown away at what he has accomplished in the last several years. Then my friend went into detail about his father's life. No wonder my friend has accomplished so much. His father was an amazing man as well. He was a leader in his community back in American Samoa. His father had accomplished quite a bit in his life time.

Our conversation made me start to reflect on my life and what I have done to this point. I know that I have lived a good life. I have been married for just over nine years. I have three beautiful, healthy children and one more on the way (any day now). I have been blessed to have a job the last nine years, as well. My business has taught me a lot and continues to do better for us. But I still have thoughts and questions enter my head. Am I making an positive impact on my family's lives? Am I making a positive impact on others' lives around me? Am I positively impacting my community? Maybe I need to do more. Maybe I need to sacrifice more for others.

I know that what I have done to this point is important. I know that I have not seen the best of me. I know that I will have a significantly larger impact on those around me. I encourage you to do the same. Let's make a difference together. Let's not wait for someone else to do it. Be the difference. Make the difference. God bless!