Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Doesn't Stop for a New Baby!

I can't believe that our first week with baby Contessa is coming to an end. Even though we have not left the house as a family, the time has flown by. I have only left the house about 3 times. Two trips have been to the hardware store. Our kitchen sink faucet and hose both started leaking and were so corroded that I had to replace the entire sink basin as well. It wasn't as easy as planned. The new sink was slightly larger, so I had to cut away some of the counter top. The only problem, I don't own a jigsaw. So I had to use my handsaw to do the cutting. The project turned into a whole day project. How fun!

The other reason I left the house was to go to Hinkley Bakery. Today is our daughter's sixth birthday and she wanted one of their custard long johns with chocolate frosting. We couldn't get just one donut for her, so we bought one for each of us (and 2 dozen donut holes, and a giant caramel pecan roll to share). I am including some pictures of this wonderful occasion. If you ever are in Jackson, MI you need to make sure you visit Hinkley Bakery and try some of their amazing donuts!

Layla & her birthday long john.

Julius can't shove it in fast enough!

We can't eat eat lengthwise, we must shove our face in the middle of the side. LOL!

Enjoying our breakfast.

Mommy & Contessa ready to eat.

Daddy frantically trying to get down coffee so he can keep up with the kids!