Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First of the 8 F's - Faith

On the 18th of May I had posted that my next several posts would be about 8 F's of "Living Intentionally for Excellence." Since then, I have had a major distraction from continuing posts on those 8 areas. Although, I would have to say my parents safely making it through one of the countries worst tornadoes in recorded history has definitely taught me a thing or two about Faith. That is the first "F" I want to talk about.

Faith is something that I never really took seriously until I was married and started having children. Sure, I became a Christian when I was a child (around the age of 5). Of course I went to youth group throughout school (until my 11th grade year when I was turned off to church by a youth pastor). I even attended a Christian college where I went to chapel twice a week. I even regularly attended church and small group once married. But all of that did nothing more that make it appear that I was a believer. It wasn't until I decided to own my faith that I truly began to understand it. Once I made the decision to truly live a Christian life did I start to hunger for more Truth. That Truth being that Christ died for my sins and wanting to learn as much as possible to grow closer to him. I also wanted to make sure I understood well enough to raise my children in a way that would draw them to Christ. Family Bible Time is one way that I have been able to influence my children (along with my wife and myself). This is a time when we sit as a family and read from the Word. We then sing a song or two and have prayer together. It is a great opportunity to expose my children to the Truth and grow as a family.

In no way have I arrived. In fact, I feel like I have a long way to go. The one thing I do know is that the Lord loves me as I continue on my journey. I encourage you to look at your faith. Examine where you are at and where you want to be. I really encourage you to read from the Bible and question what you read. Then find someone that is a mature Christian and ask them the questions you have. If you do not know where to find a mature Christian, feel free to send your questions to be. I will be happy to find the answers for you (not that I know it all, but will be more  than willing to help you find the answers). Have a wonderful day. God bless!