Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayers Please!

Yesterday afternoon my parents (who live in Joplin, MO) experienced a horrible tornado that destroyed much of their city. I heard that about 75% of the city was destroyed. One of the two main hospitals was destroyed. The tornado was about a mile wide, so the destruction was great. There were reports that the wind was upwards of 150mph. My parents' house was completely destroyed. Amazingly, they walked away with sore bodies but no major injuries. If you look on the Weather Channel you will be able to see pictures and video of the destruction throughout Joplin.

My dad told me that they shut themselves into a small closet in their hallway (they did not have a basement because under the ground is hard rock). The house collapsed on them. My dad had to dig them out of the rubble. He couldn't see my mom as he removed debris from on top of them. Once they were able to get out, they walked a block away to see all the restaurants and stores completely wiped out. A gentlemen offered to take them to the hospital, where they spent most of the night waiting to be looked over. My dad was able to call at about 12:30am to let me know that they were safe. He then called again at about 4am to let me know that the x-rays came back negative.

Keep the people of Joplin in your thoughts and prayers today! God bless!