Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seventh of 8 F's - Fitness

The "F" that is one of the toughest for me to commit to is fitness. I know that it is an importance to have good health. Again, I am a physical education teacher. Looking at the students I see on a regular basis reminds me of how poorly we as a country do at promoting healthy living. The failing health of our country can be seen in almost every household now. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are three major diseases that affect most of the population. If we do not focus on fitness, we will for sure face one of these potentially devastating diseases. I am not saying that we all need to work towards becoming the next Mr. or Mrs. Universe. I am saying we need to carve a little time out of our day to raise our heart rate a little (20-30 minute brisk walk, a pick-up game of basketball, swimming, etc.).

Another key component to fitness is healthy eating. How many of us have ate at a fast food restaurant at least once this week? I would venture to say myself and all seven of you that read my blog have. Why? It's convenient. It fits our busy schedule. It is not easy to eat healthy all the time, but it is worth it. If we would start eating healthy dinners it would spill over into our lunches. Packing a lunch from leftovers of a healthy dinner becomes easy. It not only is better for us, it will save us money.

I want to encourage us to start making little steps toward better health. Life is so much better to enjoy when we have our health. Kids and grand-kids are more fun when we have the energy and health to enjoy them. Start today! Make a difference in your health and those around you. God bless!