Monday, June 6, 2011

Third of the 8 F's - Finance

What a topic of discussion these days! It seems as though finances are talked about more these days than almost anything else. The conversations I have been around most of the time are negative and somewhat helpless in nature. My observations lead me to believe that many people feel there is nothing they can do about their finances. They are stuck! Their hands are tied behind their backs! That is just not true.

If we really sit down and look at our finances most of us would see somewhere that we can cut back (I know not everyone can). The problem is that most people do not want to cut back. How can I give up my cable television? How can I give up my internet? How can I live without internet on my phone? How can I beat the convenience and price of the dollar menu at my favorite restaurant?

In a time when the country as a whole is struggling, there are things we can do to positively affect our personal finances. We can make little changes that will free up a little more money. That money can go towards debt rather than entertainment. I really like the saying, "If you have to finance your recreation, it's not time to be recreating!" I would even take it a little further. If you have debt, it's not time to recreate! I don't mean never take time to have fun with your family. What I mean is why pay to have fun when you are already struggling to pay your bills (again, I am talking to myself with this too). IF we can remove the debt from our lives, then we will have even more resources to do more with, both recreate and donate.

So I want to challenge you to look at your finances. Are we really doing all we can to minimize our debt? Are we making the right choices that will free our family from the financial struggles we are facing? Are we really taking responsibility for where we are now? Make a difference in your life and your family's life. Take control of your finances, don't let them continue to control you. God bless!