Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Appreciation Challenge

I was reading from a book today that talked about appreciation. As I was reading, it made me realize that I do not show appreciation towards others as much as I should. I am quick to give correction and just expect the little things to be done without question. This book made me realize I was focusing on the negative too often and not enough positive. If we appreciate people for the little things on a daily basis, they will feel a stronger self-worth and a stronger trust in us. Now the author also said to make sure that we focus not only on tasks, but that we show appreciation for anything (their hair, smile, attitude, etc.). This made me really start thinking about how I am quick to stop doing what I am doing to reprimand my children, but I am not as quick to stop my work and praise or appreciate them. With all that being said, I am challenging myself to focus on showing appreciation to as many people as I can each day. To start I want to have a goal of 10 people a day that I will show appreciation to until I can make it a continuous daily habit. I will try to hold myself accountable by sharing in a later blog how things are going with my appreciation challenge. I would love to hear from people to that choose to take the same challenge. I want to know how it changes your life. I challenge you to appreciate more people in your lives.