Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Falling Off A Toilet

I want to talk about the ability to not take yourself too seriously. I think it is very important as a leader or someone trying to become more of a leader to be able to laugh at one's self. Today, I am going to tell you a story that will hopefully show you that I can laugh at myself as I work towards becoming more of a leader. I felt I should share this story also, because my wife laughed hysterically for a large chunk of the evening last night because of it. She then said I really need to share it (plus I thought she might try to post about it on her blog).

Last night I was using the bathroom at my house (sorry for the possible visual). I shifted my weight and I heard a snap. The next thing I knew, I was falling towards the floor. I landed on my side making a loud thud (remember that part). It took a second for it to register that...I FELL OFF MY TOILET! I started to laugh. I then got up and looked to see that my plastic toilet seat had snapped off where it attaches to the toilet. I put it back in place and finished my time in the bathroom. I came down stairs and warned my wife that the seat was broken. I then asked if she heard the loud thud. She started laughing. She then said that she heard it, but thought that it was our daughter jumping around. I told her that I am thankful that I wasn't seriously hurt or I might still be up there on the floor. Later that evening, as we lay in bed, she started laughing hysterically again. I knew right away what she was laughing about. I'm glad she could have such a good laugh at my expense. I must say though, so did I. (Added note: As my wife proofread my blog this morning (because she happened to be up before I posted) she almost spit coffee out onto the computer as she started laughing hysterically again)

Hope hope you had at least a chuckle as you read my blog today. But please remember the point of the story also. Be able to laugh at yourself. Have a blessed day!