Sunday, October 3, 2010


About a week and a half ago my 5 year old daughter was reading from her "First Catechism" booklet for children with my wife, they read about the Sabbath. In the booklet it said that we should rest from our daily work and faithfully worship the Lord. In reading this, my daughter told my wife that we need to be better about not doing things on the Sabbath. She wanted our whole family to rest from work and focus on God and family time. When I came home from work that day (not on the Sabbath!), she came to me sharing what they had read. I immediately went to my Bible to read a little more on this. Wow! How convicting it can be when a child comes to you challenging your actions. As I read the verse (Exodus 20:8) I felt a strong conviction myself. Since that day we have tried hard to plan ahead so that we can rest and focus our attention on worshiping the Lord and spending time as a family. I have to say in doing so we have noticed a huge change in our attitudes and our week. It is the most relaxing day for us. We know that many things are to come the following week, but we are able to clear our minds of those things and focus on what is really important. I personally feel that my life has been blessed greatly due to this change. I want to encourage you to read the Ten Commandments, especially the Fourth Commandment. I want to challenge you to rest on the Sabbath and put your focus on the Lord and your family. I think if you try this for a month, you will find a huge difference (for the better) in your life and your families' lives. God bless on this Sabbath!