Monday, October 4, 2010

"Just Do It"

We all have something that we've been wanting to change or something we want to achieve in our lives. For some people it might be big, for others it might be small. Either way, make the change today. Too often I find myself wanting to make changes but telling myself I will start tomorrow. For instance, I know I need to be more physically active. My brother even tried to help by getting me to commit to a 5k race coming up on October 11th. I still kept saying to myself, "I will start training next week." Every time I would forget to run a day I would put it off another week. Now I have 6 days to get myself into shape for the race (not going to happen). But because I promised my brother I would, and he is making the trip from Chicago to where I live, I am going to run it.

I know that example is not a major decision, but it proves my point that it is easier to put off things for a "more convenient time" than it is to make yourself "Just Do It." Choose to start one thing today that you have been putting off and "Just Do It." Why wait? We cannot guarantee what tomorrow will bring. You can achieve whatever you want if you "Just Do It."

Here is a great clip by Art Williams to help encourage you to "Just Do It."