Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Couple of Challenges

I have decided to take on a couple challenges this year. First challenge I am going for is to read the Bible this year. I have never read the entire Bible. My pastor and I have decided to take this on together so that we can keep each other accountable. With the plan we have set for ourselves we should actually finish in about 312 days. We are really excited to take this on.

My second challenge is to memorize the book of Philippians in 16 weeks. My pastor and I saw this on a blog a couple of weeks ago and decided that this would be a fun and beneficial challenge as well. Finishing in 16 weeks means that we would have the entire book of Philippians memorized by Easter (April 24th) 2011!

It sounds a little daunting to me, but I am excited to accomplish both of these challenges. I know that I will benefit greatly by doing both. I ask that you encourage me throughout the time I am trying to accomplish these tasks. God bless!