Monday, January 3, 2011

My Job & My Joy

My two week break is officially over today. I am heading back to work (although many don't consider teaching physical education to be work). It was difficult waking back up to an alarm clock after not using one for two weeks. The one benefit to waking up when I do is that I have most of my morning to myself to read my Bible (my goal is to read it within the year) and relax before my non-stop day.

I have to admit, though,  I really enjoy being able to say goodbye to my wife and kids before I head off to "play" for the day. There is something comforting about being sent to work by a loving family. But even better than that is walking into my house when I finish my day to a wife that is happy to see me and three little children jumping up and down yelling, "Welcome home, daddy!" I pray that God blesses you on this wonderful start to a new year!