Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Do I Love HER?

I wanted to expand a little on my blog from yesterday. Quite often marriage can feel like a battle zone rather than the always blissful marriage that we think others have. I know that for myself, sometimes I can look at other peoples' marriages and try to compare mine to theirs. What I don't see is the arguments or misunderstandings that may take place when not in front of people. We need to realize that problems will arise, but it is how we respond to the problems that determine if we have a happy marriage or live in a battle zone. If we fail to understand how to interact with our spouse, we fail to create the marriage we hope for heading into our relationship.

Now men, you have to love your wife unconditionally to make this happen. You might say to yourself, "How do I love her when she treats me like she does? Nobody could love her!" It doesn't matter. God tells us to love her anyway. It won't always be easy, but love her anyway. The best way to make her feel loved is to speak to her love language. But how do we know what that is? There is a great book out written by Gary Chapman called, "The Five Love Languages." (It is in the ferriswheel of books to the right of this blog.) I know it is purple and doesn't look manly, but if you want to make your marriage better and your wife to feel like a princess you will want to read it anyway. Cover it with a paper bag if you need to while you read. I pray that you are encouraged to keep fighting for your marriage. Never give up men! It is worth it. God bless!