Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sorry for the absence. My internet has been intermittent for the last 4 days. Friday evening we had an unexpected power outage. After power was restored, my internet keep coming in and out. I talked to my provider who said that they were not experiencing any problems (they are kitty corner from me). Yesterday I called them back to see if they could help me resolve the issue to only get an automated message (during work hours). The message said they were experiencing technical difficulties and would try to have it fixed by that night. Guess what, it was back on when I tried this morning. Thanks internet provider!

Now with that story comes a point I want to make. If you are a service provider and are having problems, make a personal point to talk to your customers. I know you might be receiving a high number of calls, but talking to your customers in person shows you care. Hope you have a great day! God bless!