Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Are You Following?

I had an excellent time with my mentor and great friend, Jim, last evening. It's amazing to me what an hour or two of time with someone who is farther along the journey than I am can do for my spirit and confidence. We didn't speak about in-depth topics or correcting any of my flaws (this time). What we did do was discuss a few ideas, set some goals, and talk about how bright the future is looking. I felt very encouraged when I left his house.

The believe that the concept of having a mentor is under utilized these days in America. If we think back to many of the great thinkers and leaders of our past I would venture to say that all of them had a mentor, if not many mentors in their lives. Mentors help to keep us grounded. They help to steer us towards success. They give us encouragement. They coach us through the struggles we may face. Mentors are a key factor in being successful. I have not always been very good at utilizing mentors, but that is an area I continue to work on. I want to encourage you to find someone (or more than one) that is further along the path that you want to take and ask them to mentor you. It may feel awkward at first, but you will definitely see the benefits as you start to mentor. Make sure that they have the results you want and follow their lead. God bless!