Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joplin Disaster Relief

I spoke with my dad last night for about thirty minutes. He was catching me up on the latest discoveries down in Joplin for them. I tell you what, their story was amazing when I first heard it, but as I hear more it becomes more amazing! Seven relatives from Oklahoma and Kansas came down yesterday to help them sort through the rubble. They were able to find many things that are near and dear to them. In fact they have several bins and bags of stuff to look through to see what is salvageable. Now comes the process of itemizing everything they had for insurance purposes. How fun!

My parents are the type that have many possessions that are high in sentimental value. They have been able to find several things that mean a lot to them (I will spare details so that when my mom is ready to write about the experience she can share all the details). One item was my Grandpa Harbottle's flag from his casket for serving in the military. My dad found it in the glass case still unbroken or damaged. Unbelievable!

People have been very supportive so far. They have received some clothes to get them through this initial time after the tornado. They were blessed with money from the relatives in Oklahoma and Kansas. They were loaned a car from my mom's cousins, Marilyn & Paul, to help until they are able to purchase another one.

God has blessed them greatly with their safety and continues to bless them with support from others. If you are wanting to still donate, Joplin Family Worship Center (their church and the church of a few other couples that were affected by the storm) is collecting money. Please feel free to send your donations to them. You can go to JFWC's Disaster Relief website to make donations. Thank you all you have been praying, donating and helping in their task of looking for possessions! God bless!