Monday, September 12, 2011


I was at a men's leadership meeting this weekend and one of the speakers was speaking on trust. He used a great example of building trust. He said, "We fill a bucket with trust one teaspoon at a time. Losing trust happens as quickly as chopping the bottom off of the bucket." Another way to think of trust is it takes years to build and seconds to lose.

It is someone scary to me that trust takes so long to build, but can be lost so quickly. It make me realize how important it is to make decisions that won't break trust with others. I am not saying we must be scared to interact with people, I am saying we need to focus on what builds trust. One of the fastest ways to build trust with others is to have a servant focus. When we look to serve others, they learn that we want what is best for them.

Now before we can serve others, we have to have self-worth. When a person has confidence and trusts himself/herself, then his/her self-worth grows. How we build our confidence and trust in our self is through seeking wisdom. As we learn the truths that have been discovered throughout history, we gain wisdom. We are able to stand on the shoulders of giants when we learn from the great minds of the past.

I encourage you to seek wisdom (the best resource for wisdom is the Holy Bible). Through seeking wisdom we  will gain self-worth. Through self-worth we gain the willingness to serve. Through serving others we gain trust from others. Through gaining others we can impact those around us. How better to impact our community than through gaining trust with those around us. God bless!