Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Great Investment

I have learned over the last several years that one of the riskiest investments is in other people. In fact, many people I talk to seem hesitant to invest in others. I do not mean give them money and see what they can do with it. I mean put time and resources into a person and then see what comes of it.

I believe in the age we are in, we have lost the ability to see the importance of investing in people. We do not create and cultivate personal relationships the way people used to do. I can remember my parents and grandparents talking about getting together with their neighbors to grill out, have a party or just to relax. Now many people sit in front of a TV or computer all evening and barely interact with our immediate families. Then we wonder why marriages fall apart and families struggle to get along.

We have also lost the ability to trust that people are investing in us for the right reason. We have become a skeptical country. When someone tries to invest in us for the right reasons, we second guess them. Why would they want to help me for no return? What are they trying to get out of me? Life becomes less enjoyable when we doubt everyone around us. When we are unable to trust people, we make our lives very challenging.

I want to encourage you to take the time to invest in people first and foremost, invest in your family. Then move outside your family to your neighbors and friends. Sometimes people may let you down, but the rewards of investing in people far outweigh the losses. God bless!