Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Touching Example of Serving Others

At the end of last week, I was shared a story from one of the aides at my school about a first grade student in our building. I was touched by the servant example this student displayed. Here is what the aide shared with me:
Michaela comes to the gym everyday for her recess. She enjoys listening to music as she moves around. One day while Michaela was in the gym she noticed that the gym floor was very dusty and dirty. She showed the aide and said that every gym class the kids do things on the floor. The aide asked what needed to be done. Michaela suggested that it needed swept. The aide agreed and suggested maybe Michaela could do that during her recess time that she spent in the gym. Michaela agreed to do so and has continued everyday for the past several weeks sweeping the gym on her own time.
Michaela does not sweep the gym floor because it benefits her. In fact, she never gets onto the floor herself. Michaela is wheelchair-bound. She cleans the floor on a daily basis so that it is clean for the other students in the school. Wow, talk about a servant heart! I was very impressed by this display of selfless action. She chose to do something that did not benefit her in anyway and did it at a time when no one else knew she was doing it. She didn't do it for the recognition, she did it because it needed to be done. Thank you Michaela for such a strong reminder of serving others.