Thursday, January 5, 2012

Made Me Think

While reading this morning our of the book titled "Rascal" by Chris Brady, I came across a paragraph that really challenged me. Within the paragraph he asked, "Why do most people waste their days without ever seeking that purpose for which they were built?" He later stated, "We are all limited by pride, ego, fear, lack of confidence, laziness, passivity, indifference, and the desire for comfort." After reading those to sentences, I began to think about my life and what I have accomplished.

Why am I where I am at currently?
Am I allowing some of the limiting factors Mr. Brady wrote about stop me from living a life of purpose?
Am I settling for what is good instead of striving for what is great?
Am I setting the example that I want my four children to see and model their lives after?

As I thought about those questions, I didn't like the answers I was giving myself. I think most parents have the thinking that they want their children to have a better life than they have lived. But are we teaching them how to do so? Are we teaching them the principles needed to live a purpose-focused life or are we teaching our children it is more important to work towards entertaining ourselves?

I want to teach my children the correct principles needed to live a better life. I cannot do that by watching TV and playing around online. I have to show them be example. I need to make choices that move me towards bettering my life so that my children see it is worth it.

This is the start of a new year, my goal is to do just what I have written about here. I want to be the role model that my children need to live a great life for a purpose. I ask you the same thing. What can you do to live a more purpose-focused life? Who is watching you as their model? Are you giving them a great example, not just a good example to copy?