Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Let The Little Things Trip You Up

My son is trying to hone in his potty training skills. He has had some trouble staying completely dry all day long. When he is having too much fun he sometimes waits a little too long. It really is never a big mistake, just a little one. We have set a goal for him that if he makes it all day with no problems he can take his little flashlight to bed so he can read books with it (no he can't read, but he likes to look at the pictures). Yesterday he had gone all day without a problem. About a half hour before we put pajamas on he and his sister and brother were playing. When we checked his underwear before putting on pajamas he had "leaked" a little. We said to him, "You let one little mistake ruin a whole good day." The nice thing is he can start over tomorrow and reach his goal.

You might be asking, "How does this relate to Nathan's personal growth?" or "How does it relate to mine (the reader)?" Well, it struck me that often I will be doing good at making the right decisions, but then I will allow for one goof up that might blow my whole day, week, or longer. It could be a money decision, an anger issue, a relationship decision, a pornography decision, or many other things that trip us up. The beauty of it is that the Lord will forgive us and allow us to start over fresh. By confessing our mistakes, short comings, or failings the Lord will draw us closer to him. I encourage you today to focus on the right decisions, but also don't allow little goof ups to snowball into bigger and bigger mistakes. Seek forgiveness from God and push forward. God bless!