Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lead By Earning, Not By Position!

Most people will want to follow real leaders who mentor and equip them. Leaders whose lives are authentic. Leaders who live with integrity. Leaders that build them up and make them feel like a champion. Leaders earn their influence.
Now I'm sure most of you have experienced, like I have, that leadership today is quite often positional leadership. People think that they can lead because they were given a position or a title. That is where they are fooling themselves and possibly others. It takes more than a title to make you an effective leader. I have struggled with this in the past. There have been times where I have allowed myself to get caught up in a title or position that denoted leadership rather than actually being a leader by my actions. What do I mean by being a leader through actions. I mean first being a learner myself. Then doing the work myself. Then building other people up so that they have the confidence to accomplish great things. Then help them to accomplish those great things. There is a phenomenal book on how to become a highly effective leader. The book is written by two men that are recognized as being in the top 30 leadership gurus in the world. The book is titled, "Launching a Leadership Revolution" by Orrin Woodward (I am not able to link to his blog, so click on his blog post as you scroll down the far right of my blog.) and Chris Brady. You can click on the book ferriswheel to the right of this post to look at and/or purchase this book.