Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Praise God or Curse God?

My pastor made a statement this Sunday that I really liked. I am going to paraphrase it, but I think it is pretty close to what he said.

"When you enter a room of people do they praise God because of you or curse God because of you?"

It took a few minutes for that statement to really sink in, but when it did it really sunk in. It made me start to reflect on how I live my life. Do I live a life that people want to praise God that I have entered their life or am I living a life that makes people want to curse God for crossing our paths? I strive to live a life that makes people want to praise Him. But like all people, I am not perfect. I have to work hard and focus on making others enjoy their time with me which, in turn, makes them want to spend more time with me. By doing so, I can impact their life in a positive way. I just posted a video clip that talks about this exact point on facebook and twitter. I highly recommend you watch it. It is only a few minutes long. God bless!