Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where Are You Dad?

The last couple days I have been looking into the impact single-parent homes have on children, specifically with the dad being absent. The research is startling to say the least (I will share more of the stats at a later time). I started thinking about children I know at school and outside of school. So the last two days I have been talking with some of the children I am around to find out about their situation. It is alarming to me how many are from single-parent homes, broken homes, divorced homes, and have parents in jail or prison. In all honesty, it is a little depressing to take it all in. Many of the children expressed their sadness with not having their dad available to them. In fact, one little girl said that she is scared of her room because her dad isn't around to make her feel protected. Ugh! That made my heart sink. What are we doing that we are willing to allow our children to have to deal with this type of a life? Why are we not taking more responsibility for our actions? What can we do to change this culture of our country? Please be willing to share your thoughts. God bless!